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Regal Charitable

What is Regal Charitable?

Regal Charitable can help you fulfill your philanthropic goals and create your legacy through our Donor-Advised Fund Program. A Donor-Advised Fund is a simple way to pass on your values and assets to the next generation.

Regal Charitable will work with you to help create a customized giving plan to support qualified charities. You will benefit from a charitable tax deduction while allowing your investments to grow tax-free. This gives you the opportunity to plan how to support your favorite charities for a chance to provide a social impact for years to come. We offer customized solutions and guide you through the sometimes difficult process of transferring your assets while sharing your values with your heirs and/or benefactors.

We are proud to team with organizations like Gift Planning Services, LLC, and Renaissance Charitable Foundation. Through a rigorous planning process, we outline your goals, desired outcomes and construct a plan that has the best desired outcome for you and your benefactors.

Our hope is to serve you and your family, corporation, academic institution, and/or charitable organization with helpful information. Thank you for taking the time to explore the benefits of gift planning.

Regal Charitable Website Loginregal.donorfirstx.com

Download the Regal Charitable Brochure (PDF)