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Lessons from Bob Dole


Earlier this week, one of my heroes, Senator Bob Dole from Kansas, tweeted this at age 96: “Seventy-five years ago today, I was wounded in the Hills of Italy, and I thought my life was over. Thanks to the skills of great doctors and nurses, the love of my family, and the support of my friends, I learned that my life was just beginning. I’ve seen a lot of history in the past 75 years — and have been fortunate to play a small role in writing some of it — but I’ve never seen anything like what our country is going through today.

“A few years back, I said I was ‘the most optimistic man in America.’ I still am. I am confident that – thanks to the skills of great doctors and nurses, the love of our families, and the support of friends — our nation will persevere, and we will come out stronger and more united than ever.” 

This quote made me think of my memories of the National Republican Convention in 1980 in Detroit, Michigan. Bob Dole, Jack Kemp, Ronald Reagan, Dick Cheney, and Bush (44) were all in Detroit for the GOP Convention. I was fortunate enough to be appointed as the leader of the page system for the Ren Cen and Joe Louis Arena as the Vice Chairman for the Teenage Republicans. There were countless interactions with the leaders of the Republican Party and, eventually, the leaders of our country. I observed many life lessons on leadership, strategic/tactical thinking, and interpersonal communication skills during that week. It was exciting, and at the time, overwhelming but gratifying.

Many of you remember Bob Dole in the twilight of his political career. I remember the former Governor, US Senator, and Vice-Presidential candidate (on the Ford ticket), as a compassionate and gentle human being, for taking the time and asking me, then an 18-year-old kid, “How are you holding up? Is there anything I can do to help you today?”

Senator Dole taught me many things during numerous short interactions over the week. The communication that I specifically referenced was in the staging area when Senator Dole was about to take the main stage for the GOP Convention. He took the time that day and several times over the week’s festivities to check on me, amidst negotiating platform issues and maneuvering the political circus of national party politics. I witnessed, and was a recipient of, Senator Dole’s actions. He told me as a young man to:

  • Be present
  • Look after others
  • Think of others first

These are lessons Sen. Bob Dole still practices to this day, based on the above quote. There is a reason why he is an American hero and a member of the greatest generation. We all can learn from his words and actions.

Regal stands to support you during these unique times. If there is a business or personal issue that you need help with, guidance, or even a listening ear, we are here to support you. We are confident that the medical and health care professionals will lead us back to our “regular.” The world as we know it may change coming out of this pandemic, but we are excited for the challenge and look forward to the opportunity. Following the principles I observed from Senator Dole will lead us down the correct path.

Take the time to reach out to someone and lend a hand (fully gloved, of course) or support someone less fortunate or in need. We are blessed, and although this is difficult, it is a time for us to shine.

Our clients and industry will fare well because of Advisors like you and organizations like Regal.  Stay the course and communicate with your clients and our team. Remember Senator Dole’s words of wisdom.

Stay well and Purell!

John A. Kailunas II